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How Much Money is Too Much Money?

Since the economic recession of 2008-2013, many of us have had to learn to take greater care of our money, and survive within sometimes drastically limited means. Even now, despite claims that Britain’s own economy is on the mend, the … Continue reading

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When Money Talks – The Justice System

By very definition justice is the “maintenance of what is just or right by the exercise of authority or power; assignment of deserved reward or punishment”. Thus it would be logical to assume that the justice system is predicated upon … Continue reading

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Medicine: The Price We Pay

Allegations recently emerged that the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKlein (GSK) was directly involved in systematically bribing doctors in China. In the UK, The Cochrane Collaboration recently claimed that the drug Tamiflu, on which the Government spent around £473m, “did not prevent the … Continue reading

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